US Home Values Gained 1.1 TRILLION in 2015

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Well if ever there was a doubt that recovery is underway, this article from RIS Media drops the mic on it! In 2015, home values across the US gained 1.1 Trillion dollars. (If someone wants to cut me a check for 1% of that, I’m pretty happy . . .anyone?) The article goes on to mention that we’re still 782 Billion off the high-water mark set in October of 2006, but not to shabby to be less than a Trillion away! If 2016 mirrors 2015, then we’ll be back to even by about September.

Also of note, Americans shelled out 20 BILLION dollars in Rent in 2015. Who’s mortgage are you helping pay off? Yours or someone else’s? If it’s someone else’s, we should really chat about that before interest rates begin to climb . . .

Here’s the full article!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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