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Home Buyer Q & A


If we drive by a home we are interested in, review the listing details and photos on our phone, and are ready to take a closer look, do we call you to see the property or the agent whose name is on the sign?

Call me. I will be your representative throughout the home viewing process and through to closing. If there is information we need from the listing agent, I will reach out and secure that information for you. I should be the one you call for all your real estate needs if we are working together in the transaction.

What about open houses? Can we go to open houses if we have been viewing homes with you?

You can certainly tour open houses on your own. Just let the agent holding the home open know that you are working with me and I will follow up with the listing agent to get any additional information that you need or to schedule a second viewing.

The listing information indicates this property has acreage, but how do we know for sure where our property ends and the neighbors’ begins?

The only way to know for sure is with a survey. There may have already been a survey done on the property or this may be something that you want to invest in, especially if you are building a fence or outbuildings or removing trees. Otherwise, talking to the neighbors and learning if a survey was done on their property might be a way to piece together the boundary line, but only through a survey can you know for sure. The title company may have additional information on the property specifics.

What happens if I buy a house, have an inspection, but the inspector misses something that is a big deal to fix?

That is something that could happen. My advice would be to get all the inspections done that you need to feel comfortable about your purchase. For example, if you are buying a home that sits on a hill, hiring not only your general inspector for the home but also a geotech engineer to investigate the soil and rock structure to determine the soundness and possible erosion problems may be just what you need to bring you peace of mind. However, that is no guarantee that something still won’t go wrong. Every home buyer should do their due diligence and find out as much about the home as warranted before making a purchase of this magnitude.

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